3rd July 2017

Creative Writing Notes

Theme: Control



Man fishing in cove

Waking up in the bush, lost

Chopper survivor


Chopper Survivor:


Control: The theme of control is demonstrated with the weather that is controlling the fact that the SAR people can’t go into the last known area to be able to find him.


Characters: Hannibal Smith

Where: Near Mt Ward and Lake Earnslaw in the Fiordland National Park

When: During June of 2012

Why: Going to collect passengers off of a boat in Dusky Sound, next to Resolution island, 


Story: Hannibal wakes deep in the Fiordland and is badly injured, he was lucky to be thrown from the wreckage of his R44 helicopter. His memory is slowly coming back to him. Really bad weather, search crews can’t get in to rescue him. Remembering why he crashed? Bad weather.

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  1. Hi Ben!

    Look to start on your piece asap, so that you can maximum time for crafting. 🙂

  2. Hi Ben,
    Checking in tonight, but thinking you may have been at MAC Champs on Wednesday? Look to work well in tomorrow’s lesson!


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