• Continuously address 2 cinematography elements (examples of these) and how they work to address directors intention
  • Give audience response: correctly describe the effect for you
  • Discuss how these reflect societal ideals/thoughts/opinions and possibly discuss times when we’ve seen this in history, etc.

Minority Report

Spider Scene Body Paragraph

The blue hue light of technological advances and specific camera shots that are used in the Minority Report demonstrate Spielberg’s intentions. This is to show how accustomed and and dependant the poverty stricken people of the apartment complex as well as the Pre-crime unit have become on the dominancy of technological advances. Instead of fully searching the building for John Anderton themselves, the Pre-crime unit, John’s ex colleagues, use their spider identity confirmers to identify every warm body within the building. Spielberg specifically uses low-angle camera shots for the spiders and the effect this has on the viewer is that they look a lot larger and scarier than what they actually are. The fact that Spielberg has used spiders is also clever as many people in today’s society have a general fear for spiders and this also gives them the sense that the general public would also fear them. This point is proven when the spiders move into an apartment with a mother and her young children, the youngest child can be heard saying to his mother “mummy, I’m scared!” before the spider clambers up his body and scans his eye. Spielberg has also introduced a blue hue light to the film to enhance the technological advances of the future. As the spiders move throughout the building the blue hue light infiltrates the building with them. Spielberg’s intention is to show just how dominating technology is to those who don’t have access to use it as they would like, such as the poverty stricken residents of the building. This also shows the viewer what a technology dominated future could look like which is relatable because of todays technological advances. Another camera technique used in the film is the birds-eye view into the shabby halls of the building and the surrounding residential rooms. The camera follows the spiders as they move into the residents rooms and interrupt their daily lives just so they can get an identity check. The roof is full of cracked windows and broken glass panes which further prove how poverty-stricken the people in the building are. This is proven when the two of the spiders go into one apartment and overhead camera shows a couple in the middle of a fight. Once they realise that the spiders are following them through their apartment, they instantly stop as the spiders climb up their bodies and scan them before dropping to the ground and moving onto the next people. As soon as the spiders are off of their bodies, the couple resume their fight as if nothing had happened and this shows how accustomed the poverty-stricken residents have become to the intrusion and dominancy of the use of technology for control by the Pre-crime unit.


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  1. A few pointers, Ben:
    – find stronger word choices in places to enhance sophistication
    – ensure you continue to state the specific names for the techniques
    – make sure in your retelling of features used in the scene that it doesn’t become ‘listed’ in its feel. Can you weave Y moments throughout your E and X for more effect.

    Hi Ben,

    You raised some good points in here. I want you to now consider:
    – a societal response – how does the text reflect society? Give references to our world.
    – developing your sentence crafting and the fluidity of ideas
    – Give more Y moments throughout – how did the viewer respond to the ideas presented and techniques used?

    Keep this in mind when you actually attack your 3.9.



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