13th June 2017

Ve for Vendetta Notes

V for Vendetta


Possible director’s intentions:

Anarchy vs Fascism

Why anarchy is better than fascism




Fight Scene:


Slow motion shots

The use of 5 (V) – symbolism


  • No one is watching the vice chancellor on TV
  • Pubs, homes and rest home are empty
  • V appears out of nowhere
  • Cross cutting between vice chancellor’s speech and Creedy waiting for V
  • Creedy says about chancellor, “bring him down” figuratively and literally
  • Gives solemn vow on tv and then the bag is removed from chancellors head
  • V’s pale mask stands out in a dark space, very white
  • Noisy inhale and exhale gives emotive feeling for V after he is gunned down
  • Two knives flip five times as tracking shot follows them
  • Slow motion killing with knives, can see the trail of the blades, one continuous motion
  • Theatrical dance while killing, choreographed
  • V always looks up from downwards
  • Creedy fires five bullets
  • V leaves v mak on wall with his blood
  • Camera shot through Creedy’s barrel as he clicks onto empty chamber
  • “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an idea Mr Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof” – V
  • Warped screen because V is badly injured
  • Tracking and panning camera shots of knives
  • V’s revolution is dominant




Domino Scene


Use of dialogue




  • Start when the first domino is laid
  • Box’s and box’s full of guy fawkes masks and capes
  • Phones going crazy in finch’s office
  • Man using mask to rob shop – Says “Anarchy in the UK”
  • Creedy personally responsible from chancellor
  • He knows us better than we know ourselves – Finch
  • Perfect pattern laid out in front of me, shows dominos and v on cell door
  • Little girl gets shot with mask on
  • Man who shot her gets surrounded and beaten
  • Flicks dominos
  • Dominos falling just like the government
  • One domino left standing, represents evee, the last piece of the puzzle – symbolism
  • Dominos represent V’s plan, takes ages to set up and then falls easily – symbolism
  • Lots of montages, used alongside dialogue used to show what has happened and what is going to happen
  • Monumental moment is huge emotional impact on the viewer
  • Overlaid effectively to create response for the viewer
  • Starts with a black domino and ends with a red, represents that things have changed
  • As dominos fall, montage of rioting and rebellion against government forces
  • “This is exactly what he wants” – Finch, “Anarchy in the UK” – shop robber, “Chaos” – Finch
  • Long montage of everything that has happened and everything that will happen, including guy fawkes and the girls story on paper


Why are the two scenes similar?:

  • Government falling – “Bring him down” – Creedy talking about chancellor



Stuff from board






BP1 – Domino scene analysis

BP2 – Fight scene analysis



Remember to:

Utilize the S E X Y essay structure

Drive your analysis by referring to ‘must address’ bits

Use academic terminology

Refer to the scene and how it affects the entirety of the film



Both body paragraphs (scenes) need to have the SAME director’s intention (not one per para). Remember this intention is presented throughout the entirety of the film and particularly in these two scenes.


You must address:

  • Two cinematography techniques (and give examples of these) and how they work together to: Create an effect for the audience

                              Present the director’s intention

                              Position the viewer

                              Cause the viewer to reflect on societal issues

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